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P v Jacob K

November 2017

ACQUITTED (found not guilty) in Shasta County after a 3 day jury trial for driving under the influence (DUI) in Redding, driving with a BAC or .08 or more (and the enhancement of driving with a BAC or .15 or more), and driving with an open container. This result saved his career. He, his wife, and family are all feeling blessed - especially when one considers the fact that Shasta County is one of the most pro-law enforcement counties and jury pools in California.

Cal Veh Code § 23152(a) Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. Acquited (Not Guilty);

Cal Veh Code § 23152(b) Driving While Having an 0.08% or Higher Blood Alcohol Concentration. Acquitted (Not Guilty);

Cal Veh Code § 23578 Special Allegation of Driving While Having a .15% or Higher Blood Alcohol Concentration. (Not True); and

Cal Veh Code § 23222(a) Possession of an Open Container While Driving. Acquitted (Not Guilty);

Court: Shasta County Superior Court

Attorney Robert Hamilton

My name is Robert Lee Hamilton and I'm a California DUI, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Landlord-Tenant Lawyer.