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P v Christopher K

July 2018

Another driver reported Chris to law enforcement (bad driving). CHP caught up to Chris and observed him "weaving badly with erratic speeds" on I-5 North. Chris gave the CHP officer his driver's license, but had difficultly exiting his vehicle and could not complete the Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). Chris told the officer he had "too much" to drink and "I'm drunk man, roll me up." After being arrested, Chris fell asleep in the back of the patrol car and multiple empty (and one partially empty) liquor bottles were found in his vehicle. Chris elected for a blood test - which came back as a 0.52 BAC (6.5 times the legal limit of .08). 

Case dismissed - but the story does not end there.

After his arrest for DUI, Chris was homeless. A Christian outreach organization found him on the street and took him in. He spent two years there (one year in recovery and one year as the director of the program). After the program he began working in the medical industry, married his soulmate, and now has two sons. He continues maintaining his sobriety and thanks God everyday for blessing his life. 

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

Court: Shasta County Court

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