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Note: As each case is unique in its technicalities and weaknesses, the listed defense victories do not constitute, guarantee, warranty, or predict the outcome of any criminal allegations against you - but your chances of defeating your drunk driving case increase dramatically when you hire an attorney who concentrates on defending Drunk Driving cases in California.  All results are verifiable through Superior Court and DMV records.

  • P v Athena S

    May 2019

    .17 DUI DISMISSED and NO DMV Suspension. As if it never happened. All cases are defensible. Read On

  • P v Guy A.

    January 2019

    ALL CHARGES DISMISSED: DUI 0.18 BAC; Prior DUI; Driving on Suspended for a Prior DUI; and Resist, Obstruct, or Delay of a Police Officer. Read On

  • P v Alexlyman C

    November 2018

    Acquitted - .08/.09 DUI with Prior DUI (Wet Reckless plea). No DMV suspension Read On

  • P v Christopher K

    July 2018

    .52 BAC, Prior DUI, open containers - ALL DISMISSED. Every case is defensible. Read On

  • People v Derek H

    June 2018

    DUI: .17/.17 Breath Test Dismissed by Judge Read On

  • People v Derek H

    April 2018

    Driving While License Suspended for DUI: All Charges Dismissed. Read On

  • P v P. G.

    March 2018

    Charges: Carrying concealed and loaded firearm in a vehicle. All charges dismissed. Read On

  • P v Cherise B

    February 2018


  • P v Jacob K

    November 2017

    Acquitted by a jury on all counts in Shasta County. The pre-arrest breath test (PAS Test) was .26/.26 and the post-arrest chemical breath test was .23/.21. This result also prevented DMV from taking any action against his driver's license. So Jacob never lost his driver's license and can continue advancing his career as a high voltage lineman. Read On

  • P v Patrick G

    August 2017


  • P v Eric H

    June 2017

    .13 BAC with prior DUI and a refusal was resolved for a Wet Reckless (12-hour DUI school, no jail, no IID, no alcohol terms, except when driving, no driver's license suspension by the court, and a lesser fine). Read On

  • P v Eugene A

    October 2016

    Acquitted by Jury (not guilty) - DUI (prescription drugs) Read On

  • P v Sedona L

    October 2016

    DUI: All Charges Dismissed after Jury Trial Read On

  • P v Dylan B

    September 2016

    DUI ACQUITTAL .28/.27 Breath Test (wet reckless) - no License Suspension Read On

  • P v Austin J

    July 2016

    Marijuana DUI Refusal - All Charges Dismissed Read On

  • P v Brenda H

    May 2016

    13 BrAC - Wet Reckless - No License Suspension Read On

  • P v Wyatt F

    May 2016

    ACQUITTAL - Not Guitly - No DMV Suspension Read On

  • Burnett v Hall

    May 2016

    Judgment for $144,462 for Malicious Prosecution & False Arrest Read On

  • P v Leonel A

    January 2016

    .13 DUI Acquittal and No DMV Suspension Read On

  • P v Templeton F

    January 2016

    .12 DUI with Refusal DISMISSED Read On

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