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Landlord Representation in Eviction Actions

Eviction Services

Non-payment of rent or other lease violations can cause serious problems for landlords - and the process of evicting tenants can range from simple to sophisticated.

As a lawyer, I am accustomed to the adversarial setting and trained in contracts, property rights, negotiation, and settlement. If you have questions concerning your rights, contact my office for a confidential consultation so that I may evaluate your case and swiftly help you through the process.

Prior to bringing an action on your behalf, I will need five (5) things from you:

  1. Notice to tentant [i.e., 3-day, 30-day, 60-day, evidence of an expired lease agreement, etc.]. Note: Because notices are strictly construed by the courts, and critical to prevailing at trial, it is usually best to have me prepare or review your notice (and proof of service) prior to filing an action or having it served on your tenant(s).
  2. Proof of service for the notice to tentant;
  3. The written lease agreement (unless lost, destroyed, or otherwise unavailable);
  4. A signed contract for legal services between you and I; and
  5. A check for my services and your costs.

Costs for Eviction Actions

Costs usually involve $240 filing fee, $25 writ fee, $125 Sheriff Fee, and $35 or more process serving fee per defendant (service of a "prejudgment claim of right to possession" is considered an additional defendant).

Attorney Robert Hamilton

My name is Robert Lee Hamilton and I'm a California DUI, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Landlord-Tenant Lawyer.