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Car Accidents & Personal Injury

Many people do not realize that California has a comparative liability/fault system of law.  In the simplest terms, this applies to accidents where two or more parties are involved.

A hypothetical example of this could be where one party runs a red light and collides with another.  On the surface it may appear that the party running the red light is completely responsible (i.e., 100% at fault).  But, what if the party proceeding through green light was breaking the speed limit, and this impaired their ability to stop, slow down or otherwise avoid the collision, and minimize damages to one or more of the parties?

Even though your insurance company may have said you were 100% at fault, that may not be the case.  That's why, if you are injured in a traffic accident, it is wise to have your legal rights reviewed by an attorney prior to talking to ANY insurance company -- including your own.

Many times even a seemingly minor traffic accidents can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering.  Although no court action can take away that pain and suffering, proper representation can compensate you for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, and property damage.

Attorney Robert Hamilton

My name is Robert Lee Hamilton and I'm a California DUI, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Landlord-Tenant Lawyer.