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  • P v Eugene A

    October 2016

    Acquitted by Jury (not guilty) - DUI (prescription drugs) Read On

  • P v Sedona L

    October 2016

    DUI: All Charges Dismissed after Jury Trial Read On

  • P v Dylan B

    September 2016

    DUI ACQUITTAL .28/.27 Breath Test (wet reckless) - no License Suspension Read On

  • P v Austin J

    July 2016

    Marijuana DUI Refusal - All Charges Dismissed Read On

  • P v Brenda H

    May 2016

    13 BrAC - Wet Reckless - No License Suspension Read On

  • P v Wyatt F

    May 2016

    ACQUITTAL - Not Guitly - No DMV Suspension Read On

  • Burnett v Hall

    May 2016

    Judgment for $144,462 for Malicious Prosecution & False Arrest Read On

  • P v Leonel A

    January 2016

    .13 DUI Acquittal and No DMV Suspension Read On

  • P v Templeton F

    January 2016

    .12 DUI with Refusal DISMISSED Read On

  • Mortenson v Brannon

    March 2015

    Shasta County accident case where our client was injured in a motorcycle accident and recovered the policy limits of $1.3 million in less than 9 months from the date of the accident. Read On

  • P v. Jason B.

    March 2015

    Jason was acquitted by a jury after being arrested for trespassing upon being found sitting on a log with a pocket knife near his accuser's home. Jason was charged with one count of Criminal Threats (a violent strike felony), one count of felony stalking, and one count of misdemeanor trespassing. J.B. was faced with multiple plea offers... Read On

  • P v Andy C

    August 2015

    .31 DUI ACQUITTAL and No DMV Suspension Read On

  • P v Dale B

    June 2014

    DUI DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES An unknown informant called law enforcement and said Dale was DUI in Lassen County. After failing the Field Sobriety Tests, Dale was arrested by CHP. He blew a .23 BrAC and charges were filed. Read On

  • People v Ken S

    June 2014

    ACQUITTED BY JURY OF ALL CHARGES Total of 4 Counts: 2 misdemeanor counts of dog at large killing livestock (one for each dog); 2 lesser included infraction counts of dog at large (one for each dog). Read On

  • People v S.K

    April 2014

    DUI DISMISSAL - PAS: .08 or more EPAS:.09 & .09 S.K. was stopped for making an improper left turn in downtown Redding (Shasta County). According to the Redding Police Officer who made the stop, S.K. failed the field sobriety tests (FSTs) and was arrested for driving under the influence. Read On

  • P v David C

    July 2013

    ENTIRE CASE DISMISSED and No License Suspension by DMV Read On

  • P v. Kerry M

    October 2014

    After being stopped by CHP, Kerry refused any breath test and refused to take any chemical test. He took his case before a jury. The jury came back hung (10 for not guilty and 2 for guilty). The judge then granted the District Attorney's motion to dismiss the case. Read On

  • P v Chris W

    October 2014

    .08 or more DUI Dismissed and No DMV License Suspension. Read On

  • P v William Shoemaker

    October 2014


  • People v. Mitchell P

    April 2012

    DUI ACQUITTAL - "NOT GUILTY" - No DMV Suspension Read On

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