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DUI with Chemical Test Refusal - Dismissed

Being from out of state, I was particularly scared and intimidated by the criminal charges facing me in a small, rural California town. Using the Internet, I was fortunate to find the right attorney from two time zones away. What grabbed my attention about Mr. Hamilton was that he did not rely on scare tactics like I saw on all the other attorney's websites. Robert did not harp over and over about the penalties, fines and punishments I was facing; he did not make promises he could not keep. He simply relied on an honest reputation, life experience, and the protections of the United State's Constitution. Mr. Hamilton was able to manage my case from a long distance and I did not have to appear in court until my trial date. He kept me well informed, advised me of all my legal options during the case and work tirelessly over the 17 month ordeal. He made a number of long distance trips across Northern California to appear in court and secured the best time for me to appear at trial. In court, Mr. Hamilton was tenacious in proving my innocence. He built a jury made up of objective open-minded people who were not predisposed to take the government's side just because they thought I was "guilty". Mr. Hamilton turned the police officers report and witness testimony into liabilities for the prosecution by illustrating to the jury the lack of probable cause for my arrest. He punched holes in how the officer conducted the field sobriety tests and debunked prosecution witnesses on the stand. From beginning to end, Mr. Hamilton was in command of the courtroom, swaying the jury to my side. He turned what was likely a 'slam dunk' case against me, into an unwarranted prosecution by the police. Mr. Hamilton's concern for my personal well being, and the stress and anxiety I was naturally going through, was greatly appreciated. His assistant and investigator Samantha, was indispensable in my legal defense. She tirelessly helped to Mr. Hamilton uncover the flaws and inconsistencies of the prosecution's case. If facing a DUI charge, no matter how bad things seem, I strongly recommend you retain Mr. Hamilton. I can honestly say that he saved me from the legal charges I was facing and made me better person for having met him. My hat is off to you Mr. Hamilton. Thank you. 5 out of 5 STARS (with 5 Stars being the best).
– Kerry M

Attorney Robert Hamilton

My name is Robert Lee Hamilton and I'm a California DUI, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Landlord-Tenant Lawyer.